Our trainers keep professionally updated to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment in capacity building. We have accreditation from professional bodies for our training. Choose from a range of learning experiences – distance learning, workshops, conferences, practical skills and classroom-based teaching methods.

We have something for you – whether you are an individual small-scale farmer or a large multi-national export farming company. Join thousands of Real Farmers who have found Real Solutions by contacting us. Take a tour of our current training portfolio in the links below. If the course you want is not there, contact us to discuss a tailor-made course. We can provide training in any country


Real IPM has an experienced team of qualified trainers and consultants and a proactive system of professional updating that ensure our customers get the most out of their investment in capacity building.

Join many thousands of growers who have found Real Solutions by contacting Real IPM…


Real IPM has developed a portfolio of workshop style events for senior crop protection managers and independent consultants.

These events provide an opportunity for experienced crop protection specialists to exchange ideas and improve their IPM strategies.


Farmers are busy people. Real IPM has designed an integrated learning package that combines a home-study course on theoretical topics with practical sessions on farm to improve the growers’ problem solving ability in the following GAP areas.


Real IPM (Kenya) Ltd, is the only company outside the United Kingdom which is accredited by BASIS Registration Ltd to provide training on their behalf for the BASIS and FACTS diploma certificates.

Dr.Henry Wainwright is the lead trainer. Examiners are brought to Kenya once a year to examine Real IPM candidates…


Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is the basis of IPM programmes and sustainable farming. GAP covers a wide range of management issues.

Real IPM is accredited by GLOBAL GAP to provide training on practical subjects that assist growers to comply with the GLOBAL GAP criteria…


Real IPM (Kenya) Ltd, has many years experience in the practical application of integrated pest management in cereals, plantation crops, flower, fruit and vegetable crops.

This adds value to the commercial relevance of our training. Most of our trainers are also BASIS qualified,…


Real IPM Kenya Ltd not only is a leader in the development of biological control programmes in Africa and beyond but also is very experienced in the optimum use of chemical pesticides.

All our trainers and field consultants are BASIS qualified.This means that they are legally…


More retailers are demanding ‘residue free’ crops. Real IPM is passionately developing programmes that will help growers deliver ‘residue free’ to their customers.