traps pheromones

Real IPM offers a range of traps and advice on how to optimise their use in an IPM Programme. Available in blue and yellow colours we both have monitoring and mass trapping sticky traps. The traps will attract a range of flying pests, including, thrips, whitefly, aphids, fruit fly and leafminer. It could also trap flying parasitic wasps that could have helped to protect the crop.
Ask your Real IPM Field Advisor on how best to use these tools.

  • Small yellow and blue sticky traps (25cm X 10cm) with wet glue ideal for mass trapping.
  • Pack size 10.
  • Has glue on both sides of the trap.
  • Peel off traps from a pad, as required.
  • For mass trapping use 1 trap per 10 metre square (1000 per hectare).

Monitrap are sticky traps used for monitoring/ scouting purposes in field and green house crops. They are used to catch flying pests to identify and count the numbers in order to understand pest pressure trends.

  • Small yellow and blue sticky traps (25 cm X 10 cm).
  • Pack size 10.
  • Long yellow and blue sticky traps. The Blue traps are 15 cm X 100 metres and the Yellow are 15 cm X 125 metres size.
  • Used for mass trapping of flying pests such as whiteflies, fruit fly, bean fly, thrips, leafminers, moths and winged aphids.
  • Pack size 1.